Butt Welding Method

BisnisPipa.com - Butt Fusion join adalah penyambungan pipa/fitting HDPE yang menggunakan tehnik pemanasan dimana ujung kedua bagiannya dipertemukan dan dipanaskan serta menggunakan tekanan hydrolik.

Penyambungan butt fusion kadangkala membutuhkan fitting butt fusion yang terbuat dari polyethylene pula. Sama halnya dengan fitting PVC, pada fitting butt fusion juga dikenal beberapa macam bentuk, seperti ELBOW, TEE, REDUCER, STUB END dan gabungan dianataranya.

Butt Welding Method

Butt welding is a technique used to join two components together (also known as ‘jointing’). The idea is to connect parts but not to overlap the ends.

Butt welding can be achieved through an automated process, or by hand. The joint is made by a process of gradual preheating of the two components, and then placing them together under a certain pressure.

Welding processes used in butt welding can include TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) or MIG (Metal Inert Gas). The process is ideal for joining two components either as a finished item, or for pre-fabrication or producing special fittings.

As an automated process, butt welding is proven to be a highly economical welding option as it reduces manufacturing times and does not require the use of additional end fittings.

Flash butt welding and Resistance butt welding Flash butt welding is used when a variety of section sizes and awkward components require joining. This process is done using electrical resistance, slowly bringing together the two parts required to be joined a flashing, high current voltage is applied as the parts are joined.

Most often this is completed by either semi-automatic or fully automatic butt welding machines. Resistance butt welding joins components of the same/similar sized section, completing the weld in one single operation. The joint is made by heat occurring from pressure creating by holding the two materials under a pre-set force at the ends.

As the material heats, the force created fuses together the two ends, creating a solid joint. As a result, the two surfaces are close enough to make a high strength weld. [jod/renown-oil-and-gas.co.uk]



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